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Independence Day 2024: Celebrating the Foundations of Democracy

By Amy Klein / July 2, 2024

As we gather to celebrate Independence Day 2024, it’s a fitting time to reflect on the extraordinary principles that form the bedrock of our democracy. The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States are not merely historical documents; they are the living framework of a great experiment in governance, where the rule […]


Memorial Day 2024: A Time for Reflection and Gratitude

By Amy Klein / May 22, 2024

Memorial Day 2024: A Time for Reflection and Gratitude Memorial Day, observed on the last Monday of May, is a solemn day of remembrance for the men and women who have died in military service to the United States. This year, as we gather with family and friends on May 27, 2024, we are reminded […]


Embracing the Spirit of Renewal: Easter Celebration Amidst Joy and Hope

By Amy Klein / March 29, 2024

As we gather with loved ones for Easter celebrations, it’s a time for reflection, renewal, and rejoicing. Easter, celebrated by Christians around the world, commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ, symbolizing hope, rebirth, and the triumph of light over darkness. In the midst of colorful Easter eggs, joyful gatherings, and delectable feasts, let us delve […]


Merry Christmas 2023

By Amy Klein / December 21, 2023

Dear Customers, Vendors, and Friends, The first Christmas began with a glorious song from angels, “Hark! The Herald Angels sing, Glory to the newborn King!!”  At Christmas did you ever wonder what that joyous singing was all about?  Angels sang to announce the birth of Our Savior, Jesus Christ!! This song conveys a message of […]


Happy Thanksgiving 2023, and let’s emphasize the Spirit of Giving!

By Amy Klein / November 21, 2023

Happy Thanksgiving 2023, and let’s emphasize the Spirit of Giving! As we celebrate this special day of gratitude, we can emphasize the spirit of giving – reflecting on how we can continue to make a positive impact in our families, among our friends, and in our larger communities. Here are some ideas for acts of […]


Happy Veterans Day 2023 – Thank You for Your Service

By Amy Klein / November 10, 2023

Thank you for your service. Veterans Day, observed annually on November 11, holds a special place in the heart of our nation. It’s a day dedicated to honoring the brave men and women who have served in the United States Armed Forces. These individuals have made significant sacrifices to protect the freedoms and values that […]


Happy Labor Day 2023!

By Amy Klein / September 4, 2023

Happy Labor Day 2023! This day serves as an annual commemoration of the labor movement’s contributions to the social and economic achievements of American workers. Importantly, it’s a time to reflect on significant milestones that have shaped our current work environment. The journey to secure workers’ rights has been long, and many of the benefits […]


Happy Independence Day 2023 – Toward A More Perfect Union

By Amy Klein / July 3, 2023

The phrase “toward a more perfect union” comes from the Preamble of the United States Constitution, a document that embodies the ideals of freedom, liberty, and justice that we celebrate every 4th of July. This phrase captures the aspirational nature of the American project, an ongoing endeavor to create a nation that continually improves and […]


Happy Memorial Day weekend – Honor the Fallen

By Amy Klein / May 24, 2023

Memorial Day is a time to remember and “Honor the Fallen” – those who have sacrificed their lives while serving in the military.  Memorial Day is also an opportunity for families to honor and remember all their ancestors who have passed away. Recognizing the contributions and sacrifices made by those who came before us helps […]

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